Automatic Filter Press
Specification: 800, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1600, 1500 x 2000 , 2000x 2000
The hydraulic compressing device(movable oil tank device) can move mechanically to make plates open and close quickly.
Multiple cylinders, short working process, compressing supported by four cylinders.
It shortened compressing time, avoided out-of-synchronism of multiple cylinders, and increased the pressing force and makes the power distribution of the head plate better and make the sealing between plates more reliable.
Material-feeding from two big ends. It makes the power distribution of the plates better and implement quick material-feeding
The filter plate pack opens and closes in groups separately, which makes discharging time less than 100 seconds generally, increases the efficiency and improves the production capacity greatly.
Imported PLC control system leads to convenient, reliable, steady and automatic operation on plate pressing, pressure maintenance, material-feeding, startup and stop of pumps and valves, membrane squeezing, flow-through, etc..
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